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Wedding Venue

Out of all of the wedding decisions that you need to make, which one do you consider to be the most important. While there are many that rank right up near the top, there can be no argument that your wedding venue is one of the most important vendors that you need to book. Your reception is where most of the action takes place. It is where your guests will hopefully enjoy a scrumptious meal and then move onto some great entertainment. It is also where some very sentimental moments take place. Moments like the bride's father giving a toast or the groom's best friend making a speech. So, all in all, your guests will remember what happens at your reception more than anything else on your wedding day. There are a few factors that you should take very seriously in your search for your wedding venue. One of the most important things that you need to be sure of is that the location is roomy enough to handle all of your guests and activities. The Providence area has some absolutely phenomenal locations for you to check out. One pitfall to avoid is falling in love with the first site that you visit or see in a brochure. We highly recommend that you do some research on venues close to where your wedding is going to be and methodically check out a number of potential locations that seem to have real promise. The ,more educated you become the better. Below is a guide that should help you with your all important search.

There are two ways you can go when you start your search for your reception venue. You can set a wedding date and look for a venue that has your date available. Or you can stay flexible about your wedding date, look for the perfect venue, and work with the one that you choose on a date that works for both you and the venue. If you are wedded to specific date and that date is set in stone, then you will probably want to start looking for your venue as early as possible. Start doing some research on wedding venues in the Providence area. A Google search for “wedding venues in the Providence area” should yield numerous results. Check out what the venues' websites. There will be a few that catch your eye and you like what you read and see about what they offer and what they look like. Contact these candidates and setup a time to tour the facility ask some questions. Is there room for the number of guests you will be having. How many bathrooms does the facility have? Why is this important. Well, if you are having 500 people and there are only 5 toilets, what does that tell you? Are there ample parking spaces?

When discussing their prices, you want to see a break down of what you will be getting for a total cost number. Take a good look at various packages that they offer. Try to find the one that is closest to what you think you need. Can you customize the packages or are they set in stone? Get those details clear right now. Are the setup and tear down fees included in the package price? You also want to delve deeper into an issue like setup. Find out when your vendors will be able to gain access to the venue on your wedding day to setup. What time should you and your guests be out? If you go over your time, will you be charged overtime rates? Do they have a preferred vendor's list? Can you bring in your own vendors? All of these details are very important and you need to compare the answers from vendor to vendor. You will end up liking one of the vendors more than the rest. When you do, ask for a contract with everything spelled out.