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Wedding Tux & Dress

We realize that there are some people that opt for casual wear at their wedding. But for the most part, couples want to really get gussied up and put on full formal wear. This might not pertain as much to the groom, but we know that most brides relish the prospect of looking for that special bridal dress at a bridal salon. Brides are usually more knowledgeable about the fashion world so it is a great idea if the bride is involved in both the search for the groom's tuxedo and their own dress. It is usually best if the bride is involved in both their own search for a bridal gown and in the groom's search for his tuxedo. We recommend that you both start your search immediately. The process does take time. So, as you head out into the Providence area here is a guide that will help you locate not only the tuxedo and bridal shops that you need to visit, but also that special dress and tuxedo that will have you looking your best as you say I do.

There is a lot of talk lately about whether the groom should wear a tuxedo or a suit when he stands up at his wedding. Unless your wedding is going to be more of an informal affair, you will almost always want to be search of a tuxedo. The next questions that you will be faced with is whether you should rent or buy. To put it simply, for most people, renting is always the better option. Not only is it a lot less expensive, for many it is probably the only time they will ever wear a tuxedo..But if you know for sure that you will be attending numerous formal events in the next five years, then buying could be a viable option for you. In terms of choosing a formal wear shop, there are some things that you will want to be sure of before you choose one to make an appointment. Does the store have an updated inventory. You don't want to be picking from a collection that looks like it just stepped out of a 1970s casino. In addition, find out how experienced and well trained the tailors are. Alterations are an absolutely essential element to making a tuxedo look right. There is something else that we recommend and this is something that you probably won't be able to determine until you actually make an appointment at a tuxedo shop to check it out. You need to find a consultant that is a very good listener and who will be able to steer you in the right direction even against your own wishes at times. Find out about what kind of accessories they have stocked for you to look at.

The brides search is a bit more involved and we have just a few words of wisdom for you. Take only a couple of people with you to your salon visits. Many brides take an entire entourage and they quickly find out that they have made a huge mistake. Keep in mind that the more of your friends that go with you, the more opinions you will have to listen to. This can be problematic. We recommend that you take two trusted advisers. Try on too many dresses is another mistake that many brides make. It becomes hard to differentiate after awhile. Have your consultant bring out 7 to 10 dresses, no more. When it comes to the fitting, all that matters is that it fits well. If the dress has a number on it that you do not like to see, what does it really matter. Stay open minded about whatever your consultant brings out. If a specific dress that you saw in a magazine keeps running through your head, try to block it out. You may end up finding something much better. Mention your budget before you start. You should only be looking at dresses that are within range. When it comes to checking our specific bridal salons, check out online feedback on any you are thinking of visiting. Find out if their consultants are knowledgeable and experienced? One last piece of advice, don't think of this search as a chore, but instead enjoy the ride.