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Weddings are interesting in that it takes months to plan them and only one day for all of that planning to be fulfilled. Think about it, all of the items that were created during your wedding preparation are consumed and completely gone in one day. Your cake has been scarfed down. Your catered food has been chewed and swallowed. Your d├ęcor has been ripped down. Your flowers are used up. But there is one item from your big day that will live on forever. All of the photographs that your photographer captured will live on forever. So, because if this fact, the ante has been upped in terms of making sure that you have a high quality professional photographer capture all of your special moments. The last thing that you want is to never want to pull out your photographs because of how poorly they were done. So, the question becomes how can you make sure that what you are going to receive is going to be high quality and something that you will be proud of for years to come. Well, there are some things that you will need to know and some questions that you will want to ask to guarantee that you hire the right photographer for your big day. There is a lot that goes into great wedding photography. If you don't believe us, take a look at poorly executed wedding pictures. As you search the Providence area high and low, your best way to pursue your search is by gathering pertinent information that will help you make a final decision on who your vendor should be.

As a couple about to get married and is in search of your wedding photographer, what do you want to avoid at all costs? Checking your photographs out after the fact and seeing the worst final product possible. There very well could be a situation where you have looked at a so called professional photographer's portfolio ahead of time and what you received don't match up. This is a trend in wedding photography that you need to be aware of. There are scammers out there in every field and wedding photography is no exception. There are amateurs out there that have never shot one wedding and hence they do not have a professional portfolio. So they end up stealing a real professionals amazing shots and tell people like you that it is their portfolio. This can be a real nightmare for honest people like you who are only trying to find a professional to hire for their wedding. You need to be able to be wily enough to avoid being taken in by scammers like this.

One of the ways you can try and out fox a person that is trying to pull this over on you is to check out what they tell you is their portfolio very carefully. Does it show a consistency. Remember that really high quality photographers have distinctive styles that will usually show in all of their photography. If the portfolio they show you includes multiple photographic styles, this could be a real indication that they are showing you photos that were stolen from more than one true professionals. Another way in which you can guard against being scammed is by meeting in person any potential photographer that you are considering to capture your big day. You can learn a lot in your face to face meeting. Sometimes you just get a sense about the person that you are talking to. If your guts tells you that something may be amiss, don't just ignore that feeling. Ask to see a sample wedding album. If they can't do that, be very wary and tell them that you can no longer consider them as a vendor for your wedding.

Another method of protection is asking for references. Following up with each reference and asking pointed questions can give you the feedback that you need in order to figure out if this person is on the level. Look at online reviews. If you do a search for their name on Google, you might be amazed at what might pop up. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau and check on them or their company name. Take a look at their Facebook page and see what people are saying about them. Have they posted any of their pictures on that page. If they provide you with photos that only show the bride and groom, watch out. By not being able to show you wedding guests or a wedding party, these images might only be from a workshop which means they have never shot a real wedding. We hope these tips help you with recognizing a scammer when you meet one.

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