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Wedding DJ

We are an entertainment obsessed society. So, if you make sure of anything for your big day, make sure that you hire a professional DJ that will have your crowd into the festivities from start to finish. And here is a huge piece of advice, start on this search as early as possible because the really good ones will get booked quickly. This is by far one the most important decisions that you will be making amongst the plethora of decisions that you need to make. Most of your guests will be looking forward to two things mainly. As wonderful as it is that you and your fiance are getting married, your ceremony is not one of the two. Most people look forward to eating and to being entertained. So, you are probably wondering, what exactly will a wedding DJ provide for you and your guests? They will set the feel and mood for your reception. They will act as your Emcee which is more important than you might even be aware of. Do not and we repeat do not take this hire for granted. If you do anything, try to find and hire the best fit possible. Finding a professional wedding DJ in the Providence area will take some footwork. You will need to do some research and then conduct some job interviews. We are here to help so we have provided you with a guide below that will hopefully help you hunt down the wedding DJ that will have your guests talking for years.

Find some candidates by looking online, asking your friends, family and coworkers, or asking some of your other wedding vendors. Hopefully, you should be able to gain a few candidates worthy of consideration from these sources. Find out if they have your wedding date available on their calendar. If they do, it is time for an interview. Treat this interview just like it is a job interview because when you think about it, it is. Talk about one of the most important factors, their experience. How long have they been in business? How many weddings have they performed at? Do they perform at other events other than weddings? Do not discount their experience. If you want your wedding reception to bomb, then hire a newbie. You need someone who has been through the ups and downs of weddings and understands how to circumnavigate the problems that weddings present. What sets them apart from their competitors? Why did they get into this business in the first place? Listen closely here, you may be surprised by the answer. You want to hear something about helping people and their weddings be the best they can be. Ask for references. Talk to each one. Were there any problems?

Find out if you can watch them perform live. Of course it won't be at a wedding, but if they do other events then they might be performing somewhere. If not, ask for a DVD of a past wedding performance. Do you like what you see? What about the music they use? How much input can you have in terms of customizing the list? Do they have an extensive music library? Mention a do not play list and see what their reaction is. It should be fine. What is the backup plan should they not be able to make it to your reception. Do they have backup equipment? Will they coordinate whatever is needed with your venue? Have they ever worked at your venue?

Moving onto the bottom line, how much is a professional wedding DJ going to cost? Tell them that you want the bottom line price with no extra fees. Does this include setup and breakdown costs? Do they require a deposit? This should give you enough insight in order to make a choice that is best for you and your guests.